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Bespoke Aviaries

Our aviaries are joinery at it's best, affordable and designed specifically for your needs. Your birds deserve the very best. They are very stylish and are custom built to last with very strong materials.


Pent Aviary Aviary Shed Aviary With Flight

All aviaries are produced using...

50mm x 50mm cls studding timber frame for the walls, floor and roof;
Styrene ( safety glass ) for the windows ( on selected aviaries );
16mm shiplap for the walls;
7 ft in height;
19g wire mesh;
18mm ply wood for the floor;
12mm ply wood for the roof;
Green mineral felt for the roof;
With one external standard door ( lock and key included );
With one internal (walk-in) wired door;
Includes one set of 3 perches;
Dipped basecoat treatment in golden brown color;

Built in the UK
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