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Bespoke Chicken Housing

There are many different types of chicken housing available on the market today and we offer what we believe to be a range to suit everyone. Please take a look at all our different chicken housing ranges available.


All In One Chicken House Ark And Run Chicken House High House And Run Chicken House Poultry House With External Nestboxes Small Broody House

All chicken housing is produced using:

45mm x 45mm timber frame for the walls, 45 m x 45 m timber frame for the floor and roof;
16mm shiplap for the walls;
18mm ply wood for the floor and roof;
Green mineral felt ( or onduline sheeting ) for the roof;
Dipped basecoat treatment in golden brown color; 19g gauge wire;
With nest boxes;
With ventilation and sliding hatch ( on selected housing );
With hooks and chain for easy access;
With a single door (complete with t-hinges, bolt and turn buttons);

Built in the UK
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