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Bespoke Horse Stables

Weather you're looking for a stable for your miniature horse or your pony or even if you have an alpaca, then you have come to the right place. Our horse stables are perfect for your horses and if you need a storage area to keep your horse grooming equipment in or even to store hay, then look no further. The perfect solution is here.


8 x 8 Apex Horse Stable 8 x 8 Pent Horse Stable Horse Stable With Inter Storage Area Stable With Window Hatch Storage Shed Horse Stable With Wired Door

Our horse stables are produced using:

80mm x 50mm cls studding timber frame for the walls and roof;
16mm shiplap for the walls; Onduline sheeting for the roof;
7 ft in height
With a standard half door ( complete with bolt and door hook );
18mm ply wood for the kick boards ( Not the cheaper OSB );
With tanalized (pressure) treatment.

Built in the UK
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