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Bespoke Summer Houses

Our summer houses are very stylish and well produced and are custom built with very strong materials such as ship-lap boarding and cls studding timber frames. There built to last and you can have many hours sitting , relaxing and enjoying your surroundings in a very splendid looking summer house.


7 x 7 Summer House Apex Summer House Corner Summer House 01 Corner Summer House 02 Painted Blue Summer House

All summer houses are produced using...

50mm x 50mm cls studding timber frame for the walls, floor and roof;
16mm shiplap for the walls;
18mm ply wood for the floor;
12mm ply wood for the roof;
Green mineral felt for the roof;
7 ft in height;
With standard styrene windows;
With standard doors ( complete with handles, hinges and lock and key included );
Dipped basecoat treatment in golden brown color;

Built in the UK
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